Real Time Agile Metrics for Measuring Team Performance

Authors: Eduard Nicolae BUDACU, Paul POCATILU

Abstract: In order to track the improvements of agile teams, a system of metrics and indicators is very important to be implemented. Agile Software Development (ASD) promotes working software as the primary way of measuring progress. The current set of metrics are more output oriented rather than using lines of code to estimate productivity. This paper presents the results of a background research in order to identify the most important metrics, indicators, measures and tools software development teams use in relation with agile-based methodologies. The paper also presents a case study based on data gathered in a software outsourcing company. The paper proposes an architecture of an automated system used to provide real-time metrics for measuring agile team performance.
Keywords: Agile Development, Metrics, Indicators, Measurements, Velocity, Lead Time, Cycle Time

Published in: Revista Informatica Economica, vol. 22 no. 4/2018,%20pocatilu.pdf

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